What It Means to Be ‘Ready’

Thursday, April 2
1:50 pm - 2:30 pm, Breakout Session (Room 238)

Speakers: Chris Musselman

Assumptions are at the core of planning and decision-making. But what if your assumptions are trounced by chaotic developments? What if the information you have on hand is inadequate to plot a new direction? In short, are you ready?

At this invitation-only breakout session, you will learn how data analytic company Palantir Technologies is helping the U.S. Army prepare for the unpredictable challenges it faces in the future. Using software to connect human resources, supply chains and other Army operations systems into a single dashboard, Palantir is helping the nation’s defenders maximize the vast stores of data that currently sit in hundreds of unconnected silos.

If the Army’s challenge sounds like a larger version of what’s facing your company, this is a session that you can’t afford to miss. Learn what it takes to be prepared and what an organization like the US Army expects of its supplier’s preparedness.