Solve Your Toughest Operational Challenges with IBP

Thursday, April 2
3:10 pm - 3:50 pm, Breakout Session (Room 240)

Speakers: Jeff Rossi, Henrietta Fuchs, Duraid Jwayyed, Jose Vasquez, Scot Duncan, Wayne Ackerman

To move ahead of competitors in today’s dynamic market, manufacturers need to understand the interplay between operations, productivity, and profit margins — in real time. Doing so will enable them to anticipate external forces like uncertain demand, shifting supply chains, disruptive technologies and labor shortages. 

An Integrated Business Planning (IBP) strategy can help manufacturers move ahead. IBP unifies people, process and technologies across corporate functions. It aligns financial and nonfinancial data, encourages collaboration, links planning processes, drives communication and delivers fast, accurate reporting. 

By attending this breakout session, you will discover how IBP can help your business address connectivity, visibility, planning, forecasting, process and performance operational challenges and thrive in a volatile market.