The ESG Demands of LPs: What General Partners and Operators Can Expect

Wednesday, April 1
10:15 am - 11:00 am, Conference Room (Ballroom A)

Speakers: John Toomey, Sarah Kim, Bryan Lewis, Jeremy Kogler

Moderators: Jennifer Simpson

If they haven’t already done so, most institutional investors are incorporating ESG criteria in their investment decision-making. Are politics, participant pressure or other factors driving their actions? Most important for general partners of private equity firms and executives of operating companies: how do the ESG demands of limited partners affect portfolio businesses? In this session, three experts with unusual insights in this area will reveal what GPs and operators should, must and can’t do now to satisfy the current and future demands of their limited partners. Panelists are:

Bryan Lewis, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Steel, who is responsible for the company’s global investments for its defined contribution and defined benefit plans, as well as other related programs. He was formerly chief investment officer of the $30 billion Pennsylvania State Employees’ Retirement System, and earlier served as executive director of the $20 billion Illinois State Universities Retirement System. He is a member of the board of AIF Global, the National Institute of Public Finance and the Institute for Private Capital.

John Toomey, Managing Director, Investments, and a member of the executive management, global investment and ESG committees of HarbourVest Partners, a Boston-based private equity fund of funds and one of the world’s largest private equity investment managers. The firm actively drives awareness and adoption of ESP policies and programs with its partners.

Sarah Kim, who leads private equity and venture fund investing and co-investing for ICONIQ Capital, a San Francisco-based privately held investment firm that serves some of the world’s most influential families and organizations. Prior to ICONIQ, she was a director in private equity at Stanford Management Company, Stanford University’s $20+ billion endowment. She also worked on the private equity investment teams at Symphony Technology Group and Lightyear Capital.