Is the Grass Greener? Opportunities and Pitfalls in Expanding Globally

10:00 am - 10:45 am, Conference Room (Ballroom A)

Moderators: Steve Menaker

Panelists: Ariel Garcia, Mike Roughton

Perhaps more than companies in many other industries, middle-market industrials understand that the U.S. is not an island in the global economy. Competing in the international arena, they sometimes find opportunities to expand internationally and acquire a foreign business. But given the legal, tax, currency, geopolitical and cultural differences that separate U.S. and foreign companies, are the challenges that come with acquiring and managing a non-US business worth it?

This panel session will cover:

· The best ways to structure international corporate activities, purchases and sales
· How deal values change when the international holdings are involved
· How the current environment of tariff uncertainty and a slowing global economy impacts deals
· How to limit various business risks
· Real-life examples of acquisitions gone right — and wrong.