How Additive Manufacturing Will Reshape Your Future

Wednesday 11:15 am - 12:00 pm, Conference Room (Ballroom A)

Moderators: John May

Panelists: Ryan Martin, Debbra Rogers, Kathy Mayerhofer

A manufacturing environment where addition replaces subtraction is coming. Soon, middle market industrials across industry segments will have greater access to additive manufacturing processes where precise, layer-upon-layer creation takes the place of milling, machining or otherwise removing or reshaping material. This timely session will explore how best to harness the vast potential of manufacturing’s game-changing switch in paradigms, which combines customization with the assembly line, transforms the concept of inventory and spare parts, and permits the creation of entirely new substances and products.
This panel session will cover:
  • Assessing where additive manufacturing might fit in your business.
  • How to start.
  • Real-world examples of why the potential outweighs the reasons to hold off.
  • Integrating the old and the new: Getting buy-in from the shop floor to the sales force.
  • What can go wrong?