Supply Chain Management: It's Just Getting Harder

3:45 pm - 4:30 pm, Conference Room (Ballroom A)

Moderators: Jim Blaeser

Panelists: Deborah Stanton, Bradley Boggess, Ted Jackson

In today’s environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to apply the typical EBITDA improvement playbook to achieve the results that PE sponsors require to realize the goals of their investment thesis. Managing, understanding and streamlining supply chains is usually a huge competitive advantage, but never has there been a time where there are more complexities and opportunities in this area. Profitability is under assault from seemingly every angle: commodity prices have risen, labor of all types is scarce and expensive, globalization is mired in uncertainty.

Management teams and their sponsors need to be more creative in their approach to reducing costs, growing margins, and deploying capital wisely. This supply chain focused session will examine the challenging market dynamics mid market industrials are facing today, and explore practical, but creative strategies that management teams and PE sponsors are successful deploying in response to create value.