Industrial Innovation Challenge (IIC)

Thursday, April 2
1:45 pm - 4:45 pm, Conference Room (Ballroom A)

Speakers: Ty Findley, Sheila Gulati, Andrew Camel, Michelle Cheong, Jon Bradford

In this session, audience members will hear from — and take part in judging — the finalists in this year’s Industrial Innovation Challenge (IIC). Created to attract and evaluate the best new tech products and services for the full range of industrial applications, the IIC is a unique competition. 

In advance of the conference, experts from leading venture capital firms will examine  the business plans and products of up-and-coming tech providers. Operating company executives then examined the products for their real-world applicability, as well as an assessment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. These include how the innovative tech products and services may reduce energy consumption or harmful emissions, or, for example, improve worker training and development or increase corporate transparency.

At the conference, finalists chosen by the judges will explain their offerings before a panel of judges and conference attendees, who will weigh on selecting three winners, as well as the grand prize-winning company, which will receive a $25,000 award. 


Executives from American Industrial Acquisition Group (AIAC), Atlas Innovate, Blackhorn Ventures, Brighton Park Capital, Dassault Systèmes, Dynamo Ventures, Eclipse Ventures, Material Impact, MiddleGround Capital, Novolex, Pritzker Group Venture Capital and Tola Capital.

To submit a company to the challenge please click here.

Read the Press Release for the IIC here.