Industrial Automation

Case Study: Industry 4.0

More and more business leaders in the industrial space are making the connection between quality data in their indirect supply chain and their production reliability strategy. However, despite its mission-critical nature, MRO has largely been…   READ MORE >

Panel Discussion: Insights into the Automotive Market

The North American automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation in terms of its customers’ preferences, production processes and business models. Ride sharing, electric vehicles and autonomous driving are just a few of the changes…   READ MORE >

Special Presentation: Augmented (Industrial) Reality

Augmented reality is transforming the workplace. This futuristic technology, which superimposes digital data, images and control options onto a view of the physical world through a wearable digital device, is dramatically changing the world of…   READ MORE >

Case Study: Industry 4.0

Terms such as ’digital transformation’ and ‘Industry 4.0’ have become buzzwords – as the saying goes “if you’re not doing it, you could be Uberized tomorrow”. But how do PE firms and their portfolio companies…   READ MORE >

Panel Discussion: Industrial Automation

Automation and increasing use of robotics are nothing new in industrial manufacturing. But the Internet of Things (IoT), particularly in industrial applications, has hastened the pace of change and made the latest technological advancements more…   READ MORE >