Conference Room (Ballroom A)

Day 1 Opening Remarks

Welcome to IndEx 2020! Join us in Ballroom A for opening remarks from Jon Cooper. They will provide a high-level introduction of what to expect over the next two days, in addition to presenting a…   READ MORE >

ESG Investing – Main Stage

If they haven’t already done so, most institutional investors are incorporating ESG criteria in their investment decision-making. Are politics, participant pressure or other factors driving their actions? Most important for general partners of private equity…   READ MORE >

Workforce of the Future – Main Stage

Finding, training and retaining the right industrial workforce has never been more challenging. At the same time, they are automating, reducing demand for labor in the long run, industrial companies are desperately seeking trained workers…   READ MORE >

Industrial Automation – Main Stage

Industrial America’s adoption of innovative information-based technologies is transforming capital investment, product creation, marketing and risk management — not to mention manufacturing itself. This session will focus on the products and services that are coming…   READ MORE >

What’s Ahead For Private Equity & Industrial M&A – Main Stage

Whether due to international tensions, domestic politics, the economy — or all three and more — many sense that this is the calm before the storm. For private equity firms, the question is whether 2020…   READ MORE >

Keynote Speaker – Main Stage

Insights on powerful narratives from Emmy Award-winning documentarian Lynn Novick  At first glance, there would seem to be little connection between documentary film-making and investing in an industrial company. But the connection exists — and…   READ MORE >