Round Table Discussion: A Closer Look at Performance and Cultural Alignment

There is a huge opportunity to make businesses more profitable and more predictable, by improving the effectiveness of managers.  Led by Andrew Rush, Vice President at Carpedia International, this roundtable discussion will focus on how…   READ MORE >

Panel Discussion: Supply Chain Technology

Supply chains are becoming more integrated, delivery times are shrinking due to customer demands and e-commerce is changing the nature of sales and distribution channels. At the same time, digitalization is offering increased productivity, ways…   READ MORE >

Panel Discussion: Additive Manufacturing

A manufacturing environment where addition replaces subtraction is coming. Soon, middle market industrials across industry segments will have greater access to additive manufacturing processes where precise, layer-upon-layer creation takes the place of milling, machining or otherwise…   READ MORE >

Panel Discussion: Growth Strategies

There comes a time in the lifecycle of every company when a path for growth must be defined. It is at this time that a business must decide which growth strategy — or combination thereof…   READ MORE >

Deep Dive: Trade and Tariffs

This session will take a closer look at how trade wars and tariffs are impacting middle market industrial companies and their PE owners – and strategies you can deploy to create value in this dynamic…   READ MORE >