Panel Session: International Expansion

Perhaps more than companies in many other industries, middle-market industrials understand that the U.S. is not an island in the global economy. Competing in the international arena, they sometimes find opportunities to expand internationally and…   READ MORE >

Breakout Session: Management & Operations Deep Dive

PE sponsors and manufacturing executives are often frustrated that their financial strategies are, at best, only loosely related to day-to-day micro decisions.  Too often the gap between plans and results is embarrassing.  But recent advances…   READ MORE >

Panel Discussion: Cyber Security In-Depth

In this roll-up-your-sleeves session, cybersecurity experts will detail the steps your company must take to secure itself in a world increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and cybercrime. You will learn practical ways to train your staff,…   READ MORE >

Panel Discussion: Management & Operations

C-suite executives at middle market industrial companies have a lot to digest these days — adopting transformative technologies, finding the right talent, implementing new business processes, embracing digital efforts, understanding big data and analytics –…   READ MORE >

Case Study: Management & Operations

Session Summary: How do successful CEOs and executive teams beat the odds? They get really good at building the skills and systems needed to execute their plans better than their industry peers and achieve their…   READ MORE >