The $2 trillion U.S. manufacturing sector is in the midst of reinvention

Spurred by global competition and advancing technology, American industrial companies are characterized by a new dynamism and a commitment to productivity and innovation.

Changing too is the landscape of industrial ownership. Once either publicly or family-owned, a growing share of the nation’s numerous middle-market industrial companies now are held by private-equity firms, whose focus is shifting away from financial engineering to increasing the value of portfolio companies by improving all aspects of their operations to drive investment returns. And as the disruptive impact of technology creates both new challenges and new opportunities across virtually all industrial sectors, the drivers for transformative operational value creation (OVC) are often tech-enabled.

Freed from the short-termism that constricts public companies and the management challenges that often befall family-owned companies, the middle-market industrial companies owned by private equity firms are in a unique position to reshape American industry, the American economy, the American workplace and the fabric of American communities in which these companies operate.

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