Case Studies are where the rubber meets the road. In these sessions, middle-market industrial companies and PE funds will share examples of how they used a novel technology, process or solution to support their operational value creation efforts.

Solutions and technology providers can join their PE or industrial customers on stage and describe how the solutions supplied contributed to these value creation efforts. These sessions are in-depth and demonstrate Operational Value Creation in quantifiable terms. Case Studies are ideal for vendors looking to position their products to the industrial middle market more effectively.

Example of Management & Operations Case Study on IndEx 2019 Agenda. 

What the IndEx team is looking for:

Case Studies need to fall under the following topic areas: Industrial Automation, Cyber Security, Management & Operations, Supply Chain Management, Business Intelligence.

In order to qualify as a Case Study Partner, your topic idea will be vetted by the IndEx Advisory Board beforehand to ensure the content is appropriate for our audience.

Only Case Study Partners who can bring a middle-market industrial company on stage to discuss the solution/process will be vetted.

No commercial presentations will be accepted.