Industrial Exchange is an information and intelligence services company focusing solely on the industrial/manufacturing sector.
It provides industrial-focused private equity firms with on-demand solutions from trusted experts.

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Specifically, we:
  • Provide time- and resource-constrained industrial investors/operators with responsive access to carefully vetted experts and solutions providers. These providers de-risk value-creation initiatives, accelerate time-to-value and can provide hands-on operational expertise.
  • Broaden our customers’ universe of potential business opportunities through a variety of in-person and online media connections.

Industrial Exchange Team

With backgrounds in private equity, industrial process improvement, investment banking, administration and marketing, our talented team members offer more than experience and knowledge. It’s their commitment to exceeding customer expectations that sets them apart.

Industrial Exchange Advisory Board

To support its efforts, Industrial Exchange has assembled an Advisory Board consisting of leaders in private equity, venture capital, investment banking, management consulting and industrial company management.

The Industrial Exchange Advisory Board provides guidance and input on searches, making available information resources not accessible by other providers. Committed to the renaissance and reimagining of the US industrial/manufacturing sector, the Advisory Board adds incomparable value to the Industrial Exchange network — and to those who use its services.